Answer the following:(i) How chloride of lime chemically differs from calcium chloride?(ii) What happens when chloride of lime reacts with sulphuric acid? Write chemical equation.(iii) Write two uses of chloride of lime.

(i) Chloride of Lime is also known as Calcium Oxychloride $CaOCL_{2}$. It is highly alkaline in nature and hence is used as an Oxidizing agent.

Calcium Chloride $CaCl_{2}$ is neutral in nature. It is used as a desiccant to absorb moisture.

(ii) When chloride of lime reacts with Sulphuric acid Nascent oxygen is released. 

$2CaOCl_{2}( s) \ +\ H_{2} SO_{4}( aq) \ \rightarrow \ CaSO_{4}( aq) \ +\ CaCl_{2}( aq) \ +\ 2HClO( aq) \ $

$HClO\rightarrow \ HCl\ +\ [ O] \ $

$Hypochlorous\ acid\ \rightarrow Nascent\ oxygen$

The nascent oxygen so formed helps in bleaching coloured substances.

$Coloured\ Substance\ +\ [ O] \ \rightarrow \ Colourless$

(iii) Uses of Chloride of lime :

  • It is used for bleaching cotton and linen in the textile industry for bleaching wood pulp in the paper industry for bleaching washed clothes in the laundry.
  • It is used as an oxidizing agent in many chemical industries.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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