(a) State the reason why carbon can neither form C4+ cations nor C4‚Äď anions, but forms covalent bonds. Also state reasons to explain why covalent compounds (i) are bad conductors of electricity.(ii) have low melting and boiling points.(b) Write the structural formula of benzene, C6H6.

(a) Carbon cannot form C4+ cation because the removal of 4 electrons requires a large amount of energy.

Carbon cannot form C4- anion as it would be difficult for its nucleus with 6 protons to hold on to 10 electrons.

Therefore Carbon atoms share electrons and form covalent compounds.

(i) Covalent compounds do not dissociate into ions and hence cannot conduct electricity.

(ii) Intermolecular forces of attraction between the carbon atoms are weak. Hence, they have low melting and boiling points.

(b) The structural formula of benzene, C6H6.


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