(a) What are the various sense organs in our body?
(b) What is meant by receptors and effectors? Give two examples of each.

(a) The various sense organs present in our body are:

1. Eyes,

2. Ears,

3. Nose,

4. Tongue,

5. Skin.

(b) Receptors are an organ or cell that receive stimuli from the surrounding environment (heat, light) and transmit the messages conveyed by them to the spinal cord and the brain as electrical impulses through the sensory nerves and carries to the nervous system.

Example:  Photoreceptors (a receptor which detects light) and Phonoreceptors (a receptor which detects sound). Eyes have light receptors and Ears have sound receptors

Effectors are an organ, gland, or a muscle that respond to stimuli especially a nerve impulse according to the instructions sent by the nervous system.

Example: Muscles, glands.


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Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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