Communicating the Outcomes

When a training manager designs a training program, he takes suggestions and inputs from the investors, fund-raisers and the organization before finalizing the objectives of the entire program. Once the training is over and the outcome measurement has been done, the details of this report need to be sent to the management. Three things that the training manager needs to know at this stage are −

  • What to report
  • How to report
  • The target readers of the reports

Depending on the type of organization you are working with, there are numerous ways in which you can generate these reports. The following methods help you in sending the right report to the desired audiences −

  • Sending a formal report − At the end of the training, the manager should compile a complete report of evaluations, where he mentions the desired outcomes, and uses data collection plan to deliver the outcomes, and takes in recommendations for future assignments.

  • Providing case studies − Often used as formal reports, case studies are now used largely as marketing tools as well. The case study should discuss only one organization in detail and talk about the achievements of that organization only.

  • Issuing press releases − The press releases are often done to inform the outcomes of the training to the general public, the stakeholders, and the investors. The press releases contain the strongest learning points of the training.

  • Creating Postcards − Trying to distill the key outcomes in a postcard and putting it on display can be a great promotional material that can be distributed in meetings, get-togethers, etc.

  • Use Visual Aids − Using visual aids like motion pictures, graphs, diagrams can greatly enhance the presentation value of the discussion. However, the manager should exercise restraint and not over-indulge in visuals, or else the presentation will look extremely gimmicky and distracting.

In addition to all these above-mentioned methods, interviews are also arranged with the heads of the organizations to discuss how the capacity building exercises conducted during the training has helped improve the organization.

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