MySQL Installation Related Programs

There are 5 MySQL installation related programs. They have been listed, and discussed in brief below −

  • comp_err

  • mysql_secure_installation

  • mysql_tzinfo_to_sql

  • mysql_upgrade


The comp_err creates the errmsg.sys file which is used by mysqld to determine the error messages that need to be displayed for different error codes. The comp_err also generates the mysqld_error.h, mysqld_ername.h, and mysqld_errmsg.h header files.

The comp_err can be invoked in the following way −

shell> comp_err [options]


This mysql_secure_installation program enables the user to improve the security of their MySQL installation in the below mentioned ways −

  • The user can set a password for root accounts.

  • The user can remove root accounts which are accessible from outside the local host.

  • The user can remove anonymous-user accounts.

  • The user can remove the test database which, by default, can be accessed by all users, even anonymous users), and privileges that permit anyone to access databases with names that start with test_.

  • The mysql_secure_installation helps the user to implement security recommendations.


The mysql_tzinfo_to_sql program helps load the time zone tables in the mysql database. It is used on systems which have a zoneinfo database, i.e the set of files that describe the time zones. Examples of such systems include Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and macOS. One most probable location for these files is the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory (/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo on Solaris).


Every time MySQL is upgraded, the user should execute mysql_upgrade that looks for incompatibilities with the upgraded MySQL server.

The mysql_upgrade can be used as shown below −

  • Ensure that the server is currently running.

  • Invoke mysql_upgrade to upgrade the system tables in the mysql schema.

Check and repair tables in other schemas using the below command −

shell > mysql_upgrade [options]

Stop the server and restart it so that any system table changes can take effect.