Moving an object in PyGame

The given problem is to develop a program for moving an object with the help of PyGame, which is a set of Python modules to develop video games.

Understanding the problem and its Logic

So in this article we will create an algorithm and program to move an object from one place to another place using the PyGame module of Python.

And we will import the necessary modules for PyGame and initialize the PyGame. After that we need to create a game window and set its dimensions. Then we will set the object’s dimensions, size, color and position. And we will start the loop of the game. So this will be our basic layout. After that we will handle events to move the object from one position to another. And clear the window and draw the updated position of the object.


  • Step 1 − First we need to import the required modules of PyGame and also we will initialize the PyGame.

  • Step 2 − Now we will set the window dimensions after importing the modules and also initialize the window for the game.

  • Step 3 − After that we have to perform the move operation, so we will create an object of square size. Define the initial position, size, color, and speed of the square object.

  • Step 4 − Now we will start the game loop. Inside this, we will handle some events to handle the object and window.

  • Step 5 − So now we will update the position of the object with the addition of the speed of the object. And clear the window.

  • Step 6 − Next, we will draw the object at the updated place. and also update the display.

  • Step 7 − At the end, quit the PyGame and come out to the program.


import pygame

# Set the window size and title
win_width = 600
win_height = 500
game_window = pygame.display.set_mode((win_width, win_height))
pygame.display.set_caption("Moving Object Using PyGame")
clock = pygame.time.Clock()

# Set up the object size, dimensions and speed
obj_width = 60
obj_height = 60
obj_x = 50
obj_y = win_height // 2
obj_speed = 4

running = True
while running:
   # Handle events
   for event in pygame.event.get():
      if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
         running = False

   # Update object position
   obj_x += obj_speed

   # Draw the object and update the display
   game_window.fill((0, 1, 1))  
   pygame.draw.rect(game_window, (150, 255, 0), (obj_x, obj_y, obj_width, obj_height))

   clock.tick(60)  # Limit the frame rate




The time complexity for moving an object using PyGame is O(n), here n is the number of seconds to execute and move the object in the window or frame. In our case we have used 60 seconds frame rate so time complexity for our code is 60 seconds which is a constant so we can say its O(1).


We have successfully implemented the code for moving an object using the PyGame library. In our code, we have considered an object of square size which is moving from left to right as mentioned above.

Updated on: 16-Oct-2023


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