Modelling & Simulation - Continuous


A continuous system is one in which important activities of the system completes smoothly without any delay, i.e. no queue of events, no sorting of time simulation, etc. When a continuous system is modeled mathematically, its variables representing the attributes are controlled by continuous functions.

What is Continuous Simulation?

Continuous simulation is a type of simulation in which state variables change continuously with respect to time. Following is the graphical representation of its behavior.

Continuous Simulation?

Why Use Continuous Simulation?

We have to use continuous simulation as it depends on differential equation of various parameters associated with the system and their estimated results known to us.

Application Areas

Continuous simulation is used in the following sectors. In civil engineering for the construction of dam embankment and tunnel constructions. In military applications for simulation of missile trajectory, simulation of fighter aircraft training, and designing & testing of intelligent controller for underwater vehicles.

In logistics for designing of toll plaza, passenger flow analysis at the airport terminal, and proactive flight schedule evaluation. In business development for product development planning, staff management planning, and market study analysis.