Mobile Learning Essentials - Case Study2


Educational websites like Edmondo have used social communication and collaboration to provide a seamless online teaching experience to students and teachers in schools. Edmondo allows students to share content, design quizzes and work on assignments together.


It also has provisions for teachers to provide real-time online assistance and instant feedback through its tool, Snapshot which provides many assessment tools for teachers, using which they can map the progress of individual students in their class. It has merged with publishers like Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press to provide access to educational content on the Edmondo Platform.


  • Virtual whiteboard with infinite pages for collaborating and team-learning
  • Timeless data storage for future references
  • Real-time voice conferencing and chatting
  • Image uploading, multiple color-coding
  • Voice conferencing and chatting

Benefits to Teachers/Tutors

Edmondo provides opportunities to tutors to hold meeting sessions online and review performances, while providing a platform to share feedback with individuals as well as the entire group of students collectively. Data related to progress and evaluation can be also illustrated using built-in technologies.

Benefits to Students

The students also have the option to discuss their homework with their tutors, take timely advice and guidance from them, and get feedback through illustrative examples. It also has provisions for sending invitations to teachers to get into a discussion forum and guide students.