Mobile Learning Essentials - Case Study1


In this chapter, we will discuss regarding a case study done by using Digital Learning is basically the combination of all these types of learning. It’s one term that encapsulates offline learning and online learning, so sometimes digital learning is also referred to as “Blended Learning”.. The university of Glasgow uses an M-learning software called Socrative to address learning necessities of their international students, through which students can develop their academic skills by getting tutoring from the university’s faculty members, albeit through the online platform.

The tutors can also use this tool to check the individual learning levels of the students in their class. It has provisions for feedback sharing and conducting tests during training sessions. This allows the tutors to check their understanding of the content that is being discussed, so that further improvement may be suggested.


At the end of the training session, learners are encouraged to use Socrative to share questions about the topic discussed and collect questions, which the tutor again addresses in the next session.

Using this Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the learners manage to collect all the queries and points on which they need further clarification. This helps the faculty members to get a good idea on the positives the students got from the training session.