Azure - Personalize Company Branding

When a company has many applications, they might want to have the company’s look and feel on the sign-in page of those applications. There could be several objectives behind this, including marketing. Companies that use Azure Active Directory for identity management can do it by customizing the appearance of the sign-in page.

This feature is available for basic and premium editions of Azure Active Directory. You won’t find this in free edition.

If you don’t have subscription to basic or premium edition you can have a free trial of premium edition.

Active Free Trial of Azure Active Directory (ADD) Premium Edition

Step 1 − Login to your Azure Management Portal.

Step 2 − Go to Azure Active Directory you want to work with.

Step 3 − Click on ‘Licenses’ tab from the top menu as shown in the following image.


Step 4 − Click ‘Try Azure Active Directory Premium Now’ and it will be activated for that directory.

Active Directory Premium

Refresh your page as it might take a few seconds to update and show up on your portal. Once it is activated, you will see the plan under ‘Licenses’ tab.

Customize Branding

Before moving ahead, make sure that the images (logo, background, square background) you want to display on the sign-in page are of correct sizes and dimensions. If you don’t take care of this, you would waste your time uploading images and then ultimately you will find that branding changes are not done. Here are certain specifications −

Image Size in kb Recommended Dimensions Maximum Dimensions Supported Format
Logo 5-10 60-280 60-300 png/jpeg
Square Logo 5-10 240-240 240-240 png/jpeg
Square Logo Dark Theme 5-10 240-240 240-240 png/jpeg
page illustration 500 (300 recommended) 1420-1200 1420-1200 Png/jpeg/gif

Step 1 − Go to the directory you want to work with.

Customize Branding

Step 2 − Click on ‘Configure’ tab from the top menu.

Step 3 − Click ‘Customize Branding’ button. The following pop-up will appear.

Customize Branding

Step 4 − Enter the details and upload the images.

Step 5 − Click Next and enter the details.

Customize Branding

After you are done, do look for the notifications at the bottom of the window to make sure that changes are accepted. In the following image, you can see a notification in red outline which shows that it wasn’t successful in a previous attempt and threw an error. If the changes are not accepted and an error occurs, click ‘Details’ button to find the cause. Usually this occurs when the size and dimension of images to be uploaded are not correct.

Customize Branding Dimension

Login with Customized Sign-in Page

When you sign in to your organization’s application, you will see your logo, big illustration image and sign-in text on that page. For example, let’s sign in to Office 365 using organization’s account.

Customized Sign-in Page

Things to Consider

  • Domain name should be active.

  • It might take up to an hour for changes to appear on the sign-in page.

  • To test, choose ‘in-private’ session of internet explorer (or corresponding session in other browser where cookies don’t affect your browsing).