jQuery Mobile - Basic Popup

It displays the content within a small window.

Following table lists some of the basic popup types, which are supported by the jQuery Mobile.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Basics of Popup

Popup looks like a small window which displays the text, photos and other content.

2 Tooltip

Displays the small popup box when you hover the mouse on the element.

3 Closing Popups

You can close the popups by clicking outside the popup box or by pressing the Esc key.

4 Photo Lightbox

You can use lightbox for keeping the images in the popup.

5 Popup Menu

Creates a menu by using listview in the popup.

6 Popup Form

Defines the form in the popup.

7 Popup Dialog

Places the dialog box inside the popup container.

8 Popup with Padding

Specifies the padding for the text in a popup.

9 Popup Position

Specifies the position for popup box.

10 Popup Transitions

You can use variety of effects which specifies the transition from one page to another page.

11 Popup Theme

Applies the different types of theme for the popup.

12 Popup Arrow

Displays the popup with an arrow.

13 Pre-rendered Popup Markup

You can use pre-rendered markup in the popup to save the startup time.

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