Java 16 - Deprecation and Removals


  • ThreadGroup methods like stop, destroy, isDestroyed, setDaemon and isDaemon methods are deprecated and will be removed in future release. These API/mechanism to destroy a threadgroup is flawed and such method which supports explicitly or automatically destroying a thread group are terminally deprecated.

  • Signal Chaining APIs like sigset, signal are obsolete and their use is deprecated. sigaction is cross-platform and is supported API for multi-threaded processes.

  • APIs representing DNs as Principal or String objects are deprecated.

  • elliptic curves which are either obsolete or not implemented using modern formulas and techniques of SunEC provider are removed.


  • The non-public class java.awt.PeerFixer is removed. Its purpose was to provide deserialization support of ScrollPane objects created prior JDK 1.1.1.

  • jaotc, an experimental Java Ahead-of-Time compilation tool is removed. Experimental Java-based JIT compiler, Graal, is also removed.

  • root certificates with weak 1024-bit RSA public keys have been removed from the cacerts keystore.