Java 11 - Removed/Deprecated APIs

Java 11 has removed selected deprecated APIs. Following is the list of removed APIs.

Java EE and CORBA

Following deprecated Java EE and CORBA are removed from Java 11 release.

  • Java API for XML-Based Web Services (

  • Java Architecture for XML Binding (java.xml.bind)

  • JavaBeans Activation Framework (java.activation)

  • Common Annotations (

  • Common Object Request Broker Architecture (java.corba)

  • JavaTransaction API (java.transaction)

These APIs are available as standalone versions of third party site.

JMC and JavaFX

  • JDK Mission Control (JMC) is removed from standard JDK. It is available as standalone download.

  • JavaFX is also removed from standard JDK. It is available as separate module to download.

Deprecated Modules

  • Nashorn JavaScript engine along with JJS tool is deprecated.

  • Pack200 compression scheme for JAR files is deprecated.