Java 10 - Removed Features & Options

JDK 10 release has removed several deprecated APIs, features and Options from Java library. Following is the relevant details.

  • Unsupported LookAndFeels removed − Applications using Nimbus or Aqua LookAndFeels has to migrate to new syntax.

Nimbus - existing code


Nimbus - new code


Aqua - existing code


Aqua - new code

  • Runtime.getLocalizedInputStream and getLocalizedOutputStream Methods removed − Runtime.getLocalizedInputStream and getLocalizedOutputStream Methods are no more available as they were part of an obsolete internationalization mechanism.

  • RMI Server-Side Multiplex Protocol Support removed − RMI Server-Side Multiplex Protocol was disabled in Java 9 and is removed in Java 10.

  • Common DOM APIs removed −, and sun.plugin.dom.DOMObject APIs have been removed. netscape.javascript.JSObject is available to modify the DOM.

  • FlatProfiler removed − FlatProfiler was deprecated in Java 9 and is removed in Java 10.

  • Obsolete -X Options removed − -Xoss, -Xsqnopause, -Xoptimize, -Xboundthreads, and -Xusealtsigs, obsolete Hotspot VM options are removed in java 10.

  • HostServicesgetWebContext Method removed − HostServicesgetWebContext Method was deprecated in Java 9 and is removed in Java 10.

  • T2K Rasterizer and ICU Layout Engine removed − T2K rasterizer and ICU layout engine have been removed from JavaFX.

  • VP6/FXM/FLV Code removed − P6 video encoding format and FXM/FLV container support has been removed in JavaFX Media. H.264/AVC1 in the MP4 container or HTTP Live Streaming is to be used instead.

  • Pre-1.2 SecurityManager Methods and Fields removed − The pre-1.2 deprecated java.lang.SecurityManager methods and fields(marked forRemoval=true) have been removed.

  • policytool removed − The policytool security tool has been removed.

  • Deprecated Classes in** removed

    Following deprecated classes are removed








  • Old(JDK 6, JDK 7, and JDK 8 Era) Standard Doclet removed − The old (JDK 6, JDK 7 and JDK 8 era) standard doclet, used to output HTML content, and are superseded by a replacement, has been removed.

  • javah tool removed − The Native-Header Generation Tool, javah has been removed.

  • Java Launcher's Data Model Options -d32 and -d64 removed. − The obsolete and deprecated selection options (-d32, -d64, -J-d32 and -J-d64) have been removed.

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