Java Program to find the perimeter of a cylinder

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Following is the Java code to find the perimeter of a cylinder −


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public class Demo{
   static int find_peri(int dia, int ht){
      return 2*(dia + ht);
   public static void main(String[] args){
      int dia = 7;
      int ht = 15;
      System.out.println("The perimeter of the cylinder is " + find_peri(dia, ht) + " units\n");


The perimeter of the cylinder is 44 units

A class named Demo defines a static function that takes in two values, diameter and height. This function computes the sum of these two values and multiplies it by 2 and returns it as output. The main function defines a value each for the diameter and height. The function is called and parameters are passed to it. Relevant message is displayed on the console.

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