Jahanpanah Fort - History

Jahanpanah is now a ruined city and has become a part of urban development. Muhammad bin Tughlaq constructed the fortified city during the period of 1326 and 1327. There were around thirteen gates in the fort for entry and exit.

Jahanpanah Project

Muhammad bin Tughlaq wanted to unify the scattered urban settlements and that was the reason he built the fortified city. The areas included Lal Kot, Siri, and Tughlaqabad Fort. Since the fort is ruined so many of the historical aspects have disappeared. Historians have made assumptions that Muhammad bin Tughlaq used the fort as a residence for himself and the royal family.

Muhammad bin Tughlaq

Historians also believe that there must be a palace where the sultan and the royal family used to live while the population used to live within the wall of the fort. It is also believed that before the construction of the city, the place was a forest or a rural area.

Mosque and Residential Areas

Begumpur Mosque is assumed to be the worship place where only the members of royal family of Muhammad bin Tughlaq could worship. Some other historians believe that the mosque was built during the reign of Feroze Shah Tuqhlaq.


Sarai Shahji Mahal was used as an inn and a mosque was also built nearby the inn. Besides these, there are other monuments like Lal Gumbad, Kharbuze ka Gumbad, tombs, mosques and palaces. Bijai Mandal is a group of buildings whose origin is related to the reign of Alauddin Khilji.

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