Is Python good for making apps?

In this article, we will discuss whether Python is good or suitable for making apps.

The answer is YES, python is better for making apps.

There are numerous top programming languages available for app development. However, there are no specific rules for determining which language is better for app development.

There are numerous apps available, including food delivery, gaming, grocery delivery, social media apps, and so on. Each app has its own set of requirements and features. As a result, it is critical to understand each programming language separately. Also, understand which languages are suitable for mobile app development.

Python, on the other hand, is one of the greatest programming languages for app development because It is simple, easy to use, and flexible. Programmers find it simple because there are easy solutions for every problem and coding error.

Why you should use Python for App Development?

The following are the reasons why python is suitable for making apps −

  • Easy-To-Read Code

  • Comprehensive Libraries

  • High compatibility

  • Large Community Support

  • Test-driven development

Easy-To-Read Code

Python is a programming language that combines dynamic typing and binding, making it easier than before. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, you can easily design a mobile application and update the software with Python without learning a lot of complex code.

Comprehensive Libraries

Python's extensive library allows developers to create a dynamic Android application.

Other programming languages face tough competition from this programming language.

Python programming language allows developers to add functions to apps at later stages of development without having to add code separately through various modules.

Python includes in-built code that a developer can use for database, image manipulation, threading, web browsers, and unit testing, among other things.

Python's built-in feature allows developers to create apps more quickly without having to write code by hand.

High compatibility

There are 3 different types of operating systems, as we all know −

  • Android,

  • iOS, and

  • Windows.

A Python interpreter, on the other hand, allows you to run code on any operating system. This capability assists developers in creating cross-platform applications.

Python also enables developers to add real-time modifications to their apps. This excellent compatibility is one of the main reasons why Python is so popular among developers all around the world.

Big data support

Because Big data is becoming increasingly crucial in the digital age, numerous computer languages, including Python, are developing it. With so many libraries available, building this code for it is even easier and more time-saving. That is why many developers prefer Python-based mobile applications over other languages available in the recent market.

Large Community Support

Python is a widely used programming language, therefore any developer may easily fix any issues. You will never feel pressured as a beginner because there is a large community to assist you with every app development issue or problem.

Because of this large and active community, as well as so many tutorials, creating a fantastic Android app has gotten easier and more efficient.

Test-driven development

Python offers an additional feature called test-driven development, which helps in the development of applications faster. One can create a prototype and examine the app's design to ensure that the final outcome is correct.

Python uses Test-Driven Development to assist developers in developing mobile app prototypes. Not only that but you will also be helped in refactoring the code in order to build new apps from prototypes.

Popular Apps Built Using Python

Having learned so many Python features, tell us what this best programming language is used for. Python is a helpful programming language for creating many popular programs, some of which are listed below.


Are you shocked that some of the most popular social businesses have created an iOS app using Python? It's not a joke. With hundreds of thousands of users every day and this number continually growing, Python's scalability is endless.

The Instagram app is popular among users because of its simple user interface and ability to communicate with friends. Additionally, its story feature is updated on a regular basis, and it allows users to get involved in the creation of a variety of interesting and unique content, filters, and visuals.


We've all heard of the fantastic music streaming app "Spotify." Python was used because the developers intended to create programs more quickly. Python also speeds up the app development process due to its ease of use. As a result, it is ideal for developing the Spotify app more quickly.

Python is the better option that can handle the list of 70 million songs.


Obviously, the name Uber is not unknown to you. Every day, millions of services are requested by Uber consumers via its mobile application built using Python, ranging from shipping to food delivery, and the app is simple to use.

As a result, the programming language used by Uber to construct the application, Python, is highly valued by developers when it comes to processing such massive volumes of data on a daily basis.


It is a fantastic image-sharing website. Pinterest's development is carried out using Python and Django.

With over 442 billion users on Pinterest, we can easily understand the importance of Python development.


This is the most popular OTT platform for watching movies, web series, and other serials. Python is used for developing this app.


In most businesses, file-hosting services are used to store information and documents in a compact, efficient, and convenient manner. Dropbox is a popular mobile app for this purpose, and it is also accessible for macOS, Windows, and Linux PCs. It is highly portable and can run on a variety of systems, including PC, Linux, and even PlayStation.


While Python was not the original choice for the Reddit mobile application, the social news aggregator has changed its mind due to the increased availability to code libraries, scalability, and flexibility of this programming language.

Following that, it became a highly popular application, with over 600 million visitors per month.

Not only these but Python is also used to develop many more apps such as Disqus, Quora, etc.


In this article, we learned why Python is useful for app development, as well as several popular apps built with Python.