Is Python a scripting language?

Yes, Python is a scripting language.

Scripting language v/s Programming language

The first question which strikes into the mind is, what is the difference between programming and scripting language. The only difference which exists is that the scripting language does not require any compilation, it is directly interpreted.

For example, the programs written in a language such as C++ are compiled before execution whereas the programs written in scripting languages such as Python or JavaScript are directly interpreted and are not compiled.

Why is Python a scripting language?

A scripting language is one that is interpreted. Python is an interpreted language. Python uses an interpreter to translate and run its code. Hence Python is a scripting language.

Interpreter v/s Compiler

Compiler − Compiler scans the whole program at once and converts it into machine code.

Interpreter − The interpreter converts the program into machine code one line at a time.

The languages which use interpreter are scripting languages, which include Python, JavaScript etc.