Is it possible that an object is in the state of accelerated motion due to external force acting on it, but no work is being done by the force. Explain it with an example.

Yes, it can be possible that a body be in accelerated motion under a force acting on the body, yet no work is being done by the force.

A body moving along with a circular path is a good example.

As work done $W=Fd\cos\theta$

While $F\rightarrow$ applied force

$d\rightarrow$ displacement 

$\theta\rightarrow$ angle between the directions of applied force and


In a circular motion $\theta=90^{\circ}$, therefore $\cos90^{\circ}=0$

Therefore, work done $W=Fdcos90^{\circ}=Fd\times0=0$

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022

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