Is it necessary to have a responsive website?

It won't be surprising for you to hear that mobile phone usage has been increasing day by day. With the launch of modern smartphones hitting the market, much of the population now expect to be able to do many everyday tasks through their mobile phones. As more and more people are using mobile phones over desktop it is clear that the mobile phone is taking over desktops for internet surfing.

The fundamental thing for a website is that it should be mobile friendly; it should be designed in such a way that it is equally compatible with mobile phones as well as desktops.

Why Are Responsive Websites Necessary?

A Responsive Design

The website which has been constructed contains images, content, and structure of the site should be equally compatible on desktop and mobile phone.

  • As the mobile phone users are rapidly increasing, websites must be responsive to the user because they frequently browse the internet.

  • Statistics reveal, more than 55% of the people in the world are using smartphones. To meet their requirements a website must not only have a good UI design but also it should be interactive.

  • As the social media became an integral part of the society which is not only used for entertainment but also various business purposes. For example, Advertisements about food products, online shopping, job opportunities are posted on social media and people are actually looking into these advertisements and they expect a website to answer their queries as soon as possible.

  • Every website has to maintain a live chat section to answer customers quickly and viewers are asked to drop their email id and mobile phone numbers for further information. It is one of the basic things a website must provide for internet users.

Online Recognition

  • The websites which are responsive are not only useful to the viewer but also to the owners. This is because if a website is continuously updating their information and responsive it increases their online recognition on the internet. Google Crawler is a software by Google which crawls through a website for checking the number of visitors on your website and the frequent updates performed by the website owner and push the website to the top of the Google search. In other words, it optimizes one's search based on your website performance and pushes you to the first page of the Google search.

  • So, it is not only useful to the internet user but also to the website owner.