IndyCar - How to Play?

Inside the car, the person has to deal with tremendous heat and still have to concentrate. So below are some of the important things that one should remember before getting his hands into IndyCar racing.


A driver has to do braking throughout the whole event effectively. On every lap, there will be three hard braking zones that a driver needs to deal with and during the rest of the race, braking is used on the additional corners.


Some championships have caution period or rest period and some do not have. In that case, a driver needs to focus heavily during the braking because some braking may last for more than one second. The force applied by your foot will be equivalent to 135 pounds.

In 85-lap race, a lap turnover lasts for only 60 seconds. Here a driver has to face three hard braking zones with an interval of 18 seconds. Once you are done with your braking, you are going to face the next difficult thing- steering.


Steering the wheel continuously for 1 hour and 39 minutes demands immense strength and control over body and mind. There is no power steering in IndyCar, therefore each turning requires tremendous amount of energy equivalent to 35 pounds of force.

A left hander has to pull down with the left and push up with his right to overcome the tremendous amount of gravity. Similarly, a right hander has to pull down with his right and push up with his left.


Breathing is not easy when you brake or take some turns under heavy gravitational force. You should breathe heavily while taking turnings. The strategy is, while taking a turn, hold your breath at the corners, breathe continuously and then brake. Repeat the similar process at all the turnings.