Indian Economy Tutorial

Indian Economy Tutorial

Indian Economy is a subject that includes a wide range of topics starting from the economic condition of British India, Five-year Planning after independence, economic policy, globalization policy, national income, poverty, food security, employment, infrastructure, rural development, budget, to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Indian Economy is an essential part of Social Science that makes us understand the economic functioning and conditions of our country in the context of past, present, and future.

This tutorial is divided into different chapters and explains the concept of Indian Economy and sustainable growth.


This tutorial is designed exclusively for the students preparing for the different competitive exams including Civil Services, Banking, Railway, IAS, PCS, and eligibility test.

Furthermore, the school students (especially class 11th and 12th standard) can also take advantage of this tutorial for the fast revision of their Economics course (especially during the annual exam time).


This tutorial is entirely based on NCERT Economics (class 9th to 12th) Books; all the important points, concepts, and definition are filtered; therefore, prior knowledge of basic Economics or else having past experience of reading NCERT Economics books is essential to understand the topics.