How Will AI Redefine Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the whole working scenario of business. In simple terms, AI means adding human intelligence to machines to do repeated human business tasks. For example, if a company is presented with a large amount of data, it requires someone to analyze the data to make sense of it, and then the business can use that sense to develop products or services or promote its products. In simple terms, businesses understand consumers and use that understanding to develop products that will be preferred by the consumers. Now every time that data changes, someone has to analyze it. Instead of employing a large number of individuals, we are having AI do that task.

In this article, we will be diving deep into how AI is going to change the marketing scenarios of businesses and what the benefits will be if a company employs AI in its marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing and AI

Today, companies are not fighting with the local brand but with brands across the globe because of the digitalization of the world around them. That being said, it has become critical for businesses to incorporate AI into their daily operations in order to devote their time to the creative aspects of digital marketing rather than doing the same task every day. Zappos, a retail brand selling clothes, came up with an advertising campaign in which the consumers would have to dress the naked models who were involved in the daily activities of life, like riding a bicycle or crossing the road, using the clothes on the Zappos website. Will the employees of Zappos have the time to think about something so revolutionary if they are busy sending emails to every customer?

Ways in Which Companies Can Apply Ai to Their Digital Marketing Techniques

AI has grown by 270% over the last four years, so it has become very critical for businesses to apply AI to their digital marketing techniques. Some of the ways in which companies can apply AI to their digital marketing techniques are −

  • Content creation − We are all aware of the sensational arrival of Chat GPI and the controversy related to it. Content creation is a tedious and overwhelming process for an individual. A company will always need a similar type of content in all of its articles, with just a few tweaks here and there to ensure that they rank higher in SEO. Hence, a firm can save a lot of time by using these AI content creation tools. While using these applications, one has to understand that human intelligence and interference will still be required. These websites can give you the basic structure, but you have to modify it according to your needs. The AI-created content also ranks better because of the data-driven facts used in developing it. Some of the tools that individuals can use for creating content for websites, social media, and articles, or for modifying them, are

    • Chat GPI

    • Simplified

    • Grammarly

    • Copy Matic

    • Semrush

    • Quiltbot and others

    • Predictive analytics − AI will help marketers better predict future trends through unimaginable past data. For example, a company can understand what type of courses will be required in the future by combining the data of what is trending now, what was trending way back, what the industry demand is, the geographical location, and others. AI will help the company understand

    • What is bringing traffic to your website and social media?

    • What is technically wrong with your website—loading speed, SEO ranking, backlinks, mobile and desktop views, and others?

    • How many minutes does a customer spend on your website?

    • What makes the consumer go back?

    • What is the trend in today’s market based on what people are putting in their carts?

    • What could be the trend in the future?

  • Better advertisements − AI has made it possible for marketers to understand each and every customer that they have and target them accordingly in terms of advertisements. In today’s world, it is possible to showcase different consumers watching the same show in the same neighborhood and different advertisements at the same time. For example, a household with children and grandparents may see an advertisement for a family car, and on the other hand, a single individual who is environmentally conscious may see an advertisement for an electric vehicle. Companies should gather data to better target their digital marketing initiatives.

  • Product recommendations − AI has made it possible to customize the social media feed of an individual, which shows recommendations, product recommendations on shopping websites, and others on the basis of their data history. Marketers can now align all the data of an individual, like their location, their search history, their following list, and others, to advertise the products that will most influence them. A simple example is that if you search for incense sticks on Google today, you will see that you will see many sponsored ads on your social media account for incense sticks. An Allahabad-based company named Phool uses the same marketing strategy.

  • Better customer service − AI will also help companies better serve their consumers and their queries. It is a costly affair to keep a large customer support team working around the clock, but with AI, customers can feel that their needs are addressed. The chatbot system will make sure that the basic problems of a customer are addressed, and for bigger problems or complicated issues, companies can connect with the service department.

  • Email optimization − Customers will feel more engaged and involved if they see emails in which their first name is mentioned and it seems like a dialogue between the company and the consumer instead of forwarding generalized emails to every consumer. Before AI, it seemed like a costly affair, but with AI databases, companies can make every email personalized, and the consumer knows this trick but cannot help but feel involved. Companies can send mass mail to consumers with one click, segment their audience into different groups, send regular updates, and much more.

  • Voice search and voice-over − AI has made it easier for the consumer to find search results faster with the voice recognition system and also made sure that their websites are accessible to all. For those who are visually impaired, the voiceover system reads out all of the information on the website.

Benefits of Combining AI and Digital Marketing

  • Companies can save a lot of time when they use AI to automate their day-to-day activities.

  • Companies can target more effectively with the help of AI and all of the data at their disposal.

  • AI might seem like a costly affair in the beginning, but it will ensure that the company's money is ultimately saved. As with AI, companies can target better customers, thereby increasing sales, and it will also automate the process as now the employees can think of more creative solutions to their problems.

  • provide an edge over competitors without AI.

  • Make sure that the company is now globally competitive.

The amalgamation of digital marketing and AI is the new future of marketing. Companies cannot avoid this trend; it is better for them to sail through the wave. AI will make marketing more customized and ensure more sales and a loyal customer base. With AI, companies will thrive in the cutthroat market environment.

Updated on: 14-Mar-2023


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