How to suffix a string to pandas series index labels?

The add_suffix is the panda Series function which is used to add a string suffix to the series index labels. this method will return a new series object with updated labels.

This add_suffic method takes a string as a parameter, and using that string will update the series labels. It will add the given string after the index labels of the series.


# import pandas package
import pandas as pd

# create a pandas series
s = pd.Series([2,4,6,8,10])

result = s.add_suffix('_Index')
print("Resultant series with updated labels: ", result)


In this following example, we created a series object ‘s’ using python list and we haven’t defined index labels for this series object. The pandas series constructor will automatically assign index values from 0 to 4.

By using this add_suffix method we can change the labels for our series object “s”.


0   1
1   3
2   5
3   7
4   9
dtype: int64

Resultant series with updated labels:
0_Index   2
1_Index   4
2_Index   6
3_Index   8
4_Index  10
dtype: int64

The series with index representation 0-4 is the actual series, and The series which has indexes ending with “_Index” is the resultant series of s.add_suffix method.


import pandas as pd

sr = pd.Series({'A':3,'B':5,'C':1})


# add suffix
result = sr.add_suffix('_Lable')

print('Resultant series with updated labels: ',result)


The “_Label” is a string that is given as a parameter to the add_suffix function of the series object, and it will return a new pandas series object with new index labels.


A   3
B   5
C   1
dtype: int64

Resultant series with updated labels:
A_Lable   3
B_Lable   5
C_Lable   1
dtype: int64

This block has two pandas series objects, the first one is the actual series object and the last series object is the output of the add_suffix method. The add_suffix method has updated the index labels from A, B, C to A_Lable, B_Lable, C_Lable.