How to see if a widget exists in Tkinter?

To make a particular Tkinter application fully functional and operational, we can use as many widgets as we want. If we want to check if a widget exists or not, then we can use the winfo_exists() method. The method can be invoked with the particular widget we want to check. It returns a Boolean value where True(1) specifies that the widget exists in the application, and False(0) specifies that the widget doesn't exist in the application.


# Import the required libraries
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk

# Create an instance of Tkinter Frame
win = Tk()

# Set the geometry

# Define a function to check if a widget exists or not
def check_widget():
   exists = label.winfo_exists()
   if exists == 1:
      print("The widget exists.")
      print("The widget does not exist.")

# Create a Label widget
label = Label(win, text="Hey There! Howdy?", font=('Helvetica 18 bold')), rely=.3, anchor=CENTER)

# We will define a button to check if a widget exists or not
button = ttk.Button(win, text="Check", command=check_widget), rely=.5, anchor=CENTER)



Running the above code will display a window with a button and a label widget. In the application, we can check if the label widget is present or not.

If you click the button "Check", it will print whether the label widget exists or not.

The widget exists.

Updated on: 25-May-2021

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