How to reset index in Pandas dataframe?

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In this program, we will replace or, in other words, reset the default index in the Pandas dataframe. We will first make a dataframe and see the default index and then replace this default index with our custom index.


Step 1: Define your dataframe.
Step 2: Define your own index.
Step 3: Replace the default index with your index using the reset function in Pandas library.

Example Code

import pandas as pd

dataframe = {'Name':["Allen", "Jack", "Mark", "Vishal"],'Marks':[85,92,99,87]}

df = pd.DataFrame(dataframe)
print("Before using reset_index:\n", df)

own_index = ['a', 'j', 'm', 'v']

df = pd.DataFrame(dataframe, own_index)
df.reset_index(inplace = True)

print("After using reset_index:\n", df)


Before using reset_index():
     Name  Marks
0   Allen     85
1    Jack     92
2    Mark     99
3  Vishal     87

After using reset_index():
   index    Name  Marks
0      0   Allen     85
1      1    Jack     92
2      2    Mark     99
3      3  Vishal     87
Updated on 16-Mar-2021 10:14:44