How to remove connected remote desktop user sessions using PowerShell?

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We can remove connected RDP sessions using PowerShell and for that, we can use the cmd command “reset session” in PowerShell.  Let’s see the supported parameters for it.


PS C:\> reset session /?
Reset the session subsytem hardware and software to known initial values.

RESET SESSION {sessionname | sessionid} [/SERVER:servername] [/V]

sessionname         Identifies the session with name sessionname.
sessionid           Identifies the session with ID sessionid.
/SERVER:servername  The server containing the session (default is current).
/V                  Display additional information.

We can provide here session ID or Name and also the remote server name.

Suppose we have below active sessions on a remote computer called Test1-Win2k12,

We can disconnect the remote sessions using Session Name or the Session ID. First, we will disconnect the remote sessions with session ID 1.

reset session 1 /server:test1-win2k12

When we query the session again,


query session /server:Test1-win2k12


Now we will disconnect the session called rdp-tcp#0 using the SessionName,

reset session rdp-tcp#0 /server:test1-win2k12

Let’s query the session again and it should get disconnected from the remote server.

Updated on 15-Dec-2020 08:00:28