How to merge two JSON strings in an order using JsonParserSequence in Java?

The JsonParserSequence is a helper class that can be used to create a parser containing two sub-parsers placed in a particular sequence. We can create a sequence using the static method createFlattened() of the JsonParserSequence class.


public static JsonParserSequence createFlattened(JsonParser first, JsonParser second)


import com.fasterxml.jackson.core.*;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.core.util.*;
public class JsonParserSequenceTest {
   public static void main(String[] args) throws JsonParseException, IOException {
      String jsonString1 = "{\"id\":\"101\", \"name\":\"Ravi Chandra\", \"address\":\"Pune\"}";
      String jsonString2 = "{\"id\":\"102\", \"name\":\"Raja Ramesh\", \"address\":\"Hyderabad\", \"contacts\":[{\"mobile\":\"9959984805\", \"home\":\"7702144400\"}]}";
      JsonFactory jsonFactory = new JsonFactory();
      JsonParser jsonParser1 = jsonFactory.createParser(jsonString1);
      JsonParser jsonParser2 = jsonFactory.createParser(jsonString2);
      JsonParserSequence jsonParserSequence = JsonParserSequence.createFlattened(jsonParser1, jsonParser2);
      JsonToken jsonToken = jsonParserSequence.nextToken();
         while(jsonToken != null) {
            switch(jsonToken) {
               case FIELD_NAME: System.out.println("Key field: " + jsonParserSequence.getText());
               case VALUE_FALSE:
               case VALUE_NULL:
               case VALUE_NUMBER_FLOAT:
               case VALUE_NUMBER_INT:
               case VALUE_STRING:
               case VALUE_TRUE: System.out.println("Key value: " + jsonParserSequence.getText());
            jsonToken = jsonParserSequence.nextToken();


Key field: id
Key value: 101
Key field: name
Key value: Ravi Chandra
Key field: address
Key value: Pune
Key field: id
Key value: 102
Key field: name
Key value: Raja Ramesh
Key field: address
Key value: Hyderabad
Key field: contacts
Key field: mobile
Key value: 9959984805
Key field: home
Key value: 7702144400