How to make arrangements for a college conference?

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Any conference or fest in a college is a type of event which requires a lot of pre-planning and then only one can make it a huge success. In order to get some sort of praise, the organizers of the conference have to know everything in great detail before getting into the actual celebration.

Check Out The Steps

1. Participants In Conference: Know which delegates from which part of the country will be a part of the conference. Will there be any research scholars, teachers, students or any other important guests?

2. Invite the Conference Participants: After noting the names and designations of the invited guests (speakers, scholars, etc), call or mail them. High post officials may have to be called by going to their office after a prior appointment.

3. Take Care of the Arrangements Like Food, Venue: Food, venue, stationery kit or any other mementos are not to be forgotten. Know from the management, where will the conference take place? Also, ask for the lights, AC to be checked beforehand. For food, ask the management about caterer or college hostel mess arrangement. For the stationary kit, order it as per the number of guests.

4. Sound System: Microphone, speakers, etc. also need to be checked priorly.

5. Media: Cameraman and videographers should be booked beforehand.

6. Marketing and Publicity: Banners, signboards, hoardings related to the conference should be put across relevant locations.

Although this may sound like a massive work, one must not forget that time planning and teamwork can help one get hold out this entire event. But we must also remember that “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” So, if one does not have a proper committee with a leader and followers, all will try to overpower others and ultimately it turns out to be a ruined affair at the end of the day.

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