How to install HandBrake Video Editor on Windows?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install HandBrake Video Editor on Windows. Before beginning with the installation, let us first understand what is HandBrake Video Editor.

An open-source utility called HandBrake was created to transcode video from almost any format to several current, widely used codecs. The following are the characterstics of HandBrake −

  • Convert video from nearly any format

  • Multi-Platform i.e., Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Free to use

  • Open Source

  • Title / chapter and range selection

  • Video Filters include, Detelecine, Deblock, Grayscale, Colourspace, Deinterlacing, Decomb, Denoise, Cropping and scaling

  • Live Static and Video Preview

  • Batch Scan and Queueing of encodes

  • Chapter Markers

  • Subtitles − Closed Captions CEA-608, SSA, SRT)

  • Constant Quality or Average Bitrate Video Encoding

  • Support for VFR and CFR

  • Handbrake can process most common multimedia files

Let us now see how to install the HandBrake Video Editor on Windows −

Step 1

To install the HandBrake Video Editor on Windows, go to a web browser and open the official website as shown in below screenshot −

Step 2

Click the Download HandBrake 1.6.0 button to download the exe file of the HandBrake Video Editor −

Step 3

The download begins and completes. Double-click the exe file to begin the installation −

Step 4

The HandBrake Video Editor setup begins and the welcome screen is visible. Click Next to proceed

Step 5

You will reach the License Agreement section. Read it and click Next to proceed −

Step 6

Under the Choose Install Location section, set the path for the installation. We will install the HandBrake Video Editor at the default location i.e.

C:\Program Files\HandBrake

If you want to change the location, click Browse

Click Install to proceed the installation −

Step 7

The installation begins as you can see here −

Step 8

The installation completes. On clicking Finish, the shortcut will generate since the Create desktop shortcut (all users) option is already selected

Step 9

The HandBrake Video Editor opens for the first time −

In this lesson, we saw what is HandBrake Video Editor, its characteristics and usage. We also saw how to install HandBrake on Windows.