How to Hack an Open WiFi?

The process of gaining unauthorized access to any data of any kind of system is commonly known as hacking. Identifying loophole in system/network is also called as hacking.

Types of Hacking

The types of hacking are as follows −

  • White hat − They are commonly known as ethical hackers and are pen-testers (find weakness in system). They get paid for finding loopholes in the system by companies who own the system. It is totally legal.

  • Black hat: They are commonly known as crackers and they find weakness and loophole in system for their personal gains. They steal data, invade privacy and steal money from bank accounts. It is illegal and is a punishable crime.

  • Grey hat − They are hybrid version of Ethical hackers and crackers. After breaking into the system they disclose their identity to the person who owns the system.

Hack open Wi-Fi

We can hack the Wi-Fi by using brute force and dictionary attacks but it is sophisticated. If you are interested in going deep into computer security then you can learn them.

There is an easier way even if you are having a little or no scripting, programming or hacking knowledge. It has one downside though. You have to get the owner of the wifi to connect it to your device first even if it's for a second or ask them to lend you their PC.

We are assuming that he/she doesn't want you to know the password so they prefer entering the credentials for you. The good thing is that even if they forget the wifi credentials from your pc you can still get the password.

You can pretend to be in urgent need of the internet, maybe to send an email and ask anyone who knows the password to connect it for you for just a minute then forget it afterwards. Or ask them to lend you their PC urgently for a minute to use the internet (social engineering).

The first step after you're connected is to go to windows search (assuming you're on windows), then search for command prompt. Run it as administrator. After it has launched type the following commands and press enter.

netsh wlan show profile

This will show you all the networks you've ever connected to.

Use your mouse to highlight and copy the name of the wifi whose password you want and then type the following command (replacing the wifi name with the actual wifi name.)

You can type first then press ctrl + v to paste the name of the wifi

netsh wlan show profile wifiName key=clear

Press enter and it will give you some information.

Look for key content and that should be the wifi password.

However I must warn you that it's illegal if caught in most countries.

Updated on: 23-Mar-2022


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