How to get the values of the different types from a JSON object in Java?

A JSONObject is an unordered collection of name/value pairs and parses text from a String to produce a map-like object. A JSONObject has few important methods to display the values of different types like getString() method to get the string associated with a key string, getInt() method to get the int value associated with a key, getDouble() method to get the double value associated with a key and getBoolean() method to get the Boolean value associated with a key.


import org.json.*;
public class JSONObjectTypeValuesTest {
   public static void main(String[] args) throws JSONException {
      JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject(
         "{" +
            "Name : Adithya," +
            "Age : 22, " +
            "Salary: 10000.00, " +
            "IsSelfEmployee: false " +
      System.out.println(jsonObj.getString("Name")); // returns string
      System.out.println(jsonObj.getInt("Age")); // returns int
      System.out.println(jsonObj.getDouble("Salary")); // returns double
      System.out.println(jsonObj.getBoolean("IsSelfEmployee")); // returns true/false



Updated on: 14-Sep-2023

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