How to get nth row in a Pandas DataFrame?

To get the nth row in a Pandas DataFrame, we can use the iloc() method. For example, df.iloc[4] will return the 5th row because row numbers start from 0.


  • Make two-dimensional, size-mutable, potentially heterogeneous tabular data, df.
  • Print input DataFrame, df.
  • Initialize a variable nth_row.
  • Use iloc() method to get nth row.
  • Print the returned DataFrame.


import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame(
      name=['John', 'Jacob', 'Tom', 'Tim', 'Ally'],
      marks=[89, 23, 100, 56, 90],
      subjects=["Math", "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology", "English"]

print "Input DataFrame is:\n", df
nth_row = 3
df = df.iloc[nth_row]
print "Row ", nth_row, "of the DataFrame is: \n", df


Input DataFrame is:
    name   marks   subjects
0   John    89         Math
1  Jacob    23      Physics
2    Tom   100    Chemistry
3    Tim    56      Biology
4   Ally    90      English

Row 3 of the DataFrame is:
name            Tim
marks            56
subjects    Biology
Name: 3, dtype: object

Updated on: 06-Sep-2023

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