How to find intersection between two Numpy arrays?

In this problem, we will find the intersection between two numpy arrays. Intersection of two arrays is an array with elements common in both the original arrays


Step 1: Import numpy.
Step 2: Define two numpy arrays.
Step 3: Find intersection between the arrays using the numpy.intersect1d() function.
Step 4: Print the array of intersecting elements.

Example Code

import numpy as np

array_1 = np.array([1,2,3,4,5])
print("Array 1:\n", array_1)

array_2 = np.array([2,4,6,8,10])
print("\nArray 2:\n", array_2)

intersection = np.intersect1d(array_1, array_2)
print("\nThe intersection between the two arrays is:\n", intersection)


Array 1:
 [1 2 3 4 5]
Array 2:
 [2  4  6  8 10]
The intersection between the two arrays is:
 [2 4]