How to create a String object in C#?

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To create a string object in C#, use any of the below given method.

  • By assigning a string literal to a String variable
  • By using a String class constructor
  • By using the string concatenation operator (+)
  • By retrieving a property or calling a method that returns a string
  • By calling a formatting method to convert a value or an object to its string representation

The following is an example showing different ways to create a string object in C#.


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using System;
namespace Demo {
   class Program {
      static void Main(string[] args) {
         //from string literal and string concatenation
         string fname, lname;
         fname = "Brad ";
         lname = "Pitt";
         char []letters= { 'W', 'e', 'b'};
         string [] sarray={ "Web", "World"};
         string fullname = fname + lname;
         Console.WriteLine("Full Name: {0}", fullname);
         //by using string constructor { 'W, 'e', 'b'};
         string greetings = new string(letters);
         Console.WriteLine("Greetings: {0}", greetings);
         //methods returning string { "Web", "World" };
         string message = String.Join(" ", sarray);
         Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", message);
         //formatting method to convert a value
         DateTime waiting = new DateTime(2012, 10, 10, 17, 58, 1);
         string chat = String.Format("Message sent at {0:t} on {0:D}", waiting);
         Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", chat);


Full Name: Brad Pitt
Greetings: Web
Message: Web World
Message: Message sent at 5:58 PM on Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Published on 18-Sep-2018 08:37:36