How to concrete a single Series into a string Python Pandas library?

Using pandas.Series.to_string() we can convert a single series into a string.Let’s take some examples and see how it’s gonna work.


Create a pandas Series using string dtype data, then convert it to a string.

# create a series
ds = pd.Series(["a", "b", "c", "a"], dtype="string")
print(ds) # display series
s = ds.to_string() # convert to string
print(repr(s)) display converted output


The variable ds holds a pandas Series with all string data by defining dtype as a string. Then convert the series into a string by using the pandas.Series.to_string method, here we define it as ds.to_string(). Finally, the converted string is assigned to the s variable. And displayed output (variable s) by using the repr() function to return printable representational string.


0   a
1   b
2   c
3   a
dtype: string

'0   a
1 b
2 c
3 a'

The first part of the above block represents the output of a series with dtype is a string, and the second part of the block represents the converted string output of a single pandas series.

In the above example, we converted a string dtype series to string, but we can convert series with any dtype. Let's take another example.


ds = pd.Series([1,2,3,3])
s = ds.to_string()


In this example, it has only integer type data present in the pandas series. For that, directly declare a list of integers to the pd.Series() method and it will create a pandas Series. After that, convert the Series “ds” to string by using ds.to_string() method.


0   1
1   2
2   3
3   3
dtype: int64

'0   1
1 2
2 3
3 3'

We can see the converted string from a single Series with int64 dtype data in the above block. Like this, we can concrete a single series into a string by using the pandas to_string method.

Updated on: 18-Nov-2021


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