How to Automatically Generate Random Secure Passwords in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the biggest and widely used web browser platforms. If you use the Internet, it’s almost certain that you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser. As the most popular web browser in the world, Google Chrome has some powerhouse features. Some of these include native integration with Google services, a range of productivity-enhancing extensions and some which are beyond your expectation.

One such property of Chrome browser is the ability to automatically generate random secure passwords for users. Google Chrome browser includes a built-in password generator which can generate complex passwords for you when you are signing up for new online services. Currently, it is not enabled by default, but you will have to enable it first so that you can use this useful feature.

This inbuilt property of Chrome will suggest users with a list of randomly generated passwords with combinations of alphanumerical and special characters. So if you are trying to sign up to an online service but cannot think of a strong password, then you can use thus auto generation of random secure passwords in Chrome.

The password will be a strong password. If you select it, it will also save and sync your password using your Google account. You do not need to save the password that is generated. It happens automatically.

This feature will work for sites that work with both Password Managers and Autofill.

Chrome Password Generator

Google Chrome includes a hidden feature that can be used to have the browser generate random secure passwords every time it detects a password field on a webpage. This can come in extremely handy when you’re creating online accounts and can’t think of strong passwords for the same.

Steps to automatically generate random secure passwords in Google Chrome −

  • For this feature to work, you will need to sign into your Google Account. In case you are not, then open your Chrome web browser, Type chrome − //flags in Google Chrome Omni bar and hit Enter to open the flags in Chrome. Flags are the experimental features that are not yet ready to be included in stable browser builds.

  • Once on the flags page, Scroll down and find out the flag Password Generation ,Tap open the drop down list and change its value to Enabled Or Click Ctrl+F to open the search bar and search for Enable password generation.

  • Finally, A Relaunch Now option will pop up. Click the Relaunch Now button that appears at the bottom to restart Google Chrome and effect the changes.

That’s it. From now on, whenever Google Chrome detects a password field on a webpage or the next time you go on to sign up for any online service, it will automatically suggest a random password as a drop-down choice. You can simply click on the generated password to use it for your account creation. Now that, is awesome.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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