How do we use Python in script mode?

Python is a high level programming language that helps a user to run a program and integrate systems more efficiently; as it executes a program in comparatively fewer lines of code. In this programming language, a code can be run in two ways−

  • Interactive mode, and

  • Script mode

In this article, we will learn how to execute a python code in a script mode.

Python in Script Mode

A script mode in Programming languages is nothing but putting all the lines of code in a python program into a file, also known as a script, and using Python to run the file. Python in script mode can be run in various applications containing Python IDE; and also through a Terminal or Command Prompt.

In applications supporting Python, the scripts can be created and executed in the environment itself.

However, to execute a Python code in script mode using command line, one must follow the following command syntax −


Here, is just a placeholder for the file containing the Python lines of code.


Let us see an example to execute a Python code in a file, through the Command Prompt in Windows.

Assume we have a Python code in a file named ‘’ –

print ("Hello World")

Make sure your system has python installed in it before executing the following command to execute the ‘’ file −


The output is displayed as follows 

Hello World

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023

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