How Difficult is It to Get a Certification in Salesforce Development?


It is relatively easy to get the certification in Salesforce development. This is because someone with a Salesforce developer certification has demonstrated proficiency in building custom applications and analytical tools on top of Salesforce platform capabilities. The current levels of Salesforce developer certification are Platform App Builder, Developer I, and Developer II. These credentials attest to a professional's ability to develop specific data models, recognize business logic, design user interfaces, and provide security for certain applications. In addition, developers can create and manage more efficient business policies and procedures and create systems tailored for predicting sales and revenue. Before going into the mechanics of the exam procedure for the three certifications, let's first go over the fundamentals related to Salesforce developers.

Who is Salesforce Developer?

You probably already know this, but Salesforce is one of the world's most widely used cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for sales, marketing, and customer care. You might not be aware, but there are two main groups of Salesforce professionals: administrators and developers. Developers either write new code from scratch for clients or make changes to already written code. They typically work for a final client like a bank, a Salesforce partner, or a major software company.

The Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

The apps that Salesforce developers create or modify for a customer must be able to be tested and put into use. But there is a lot more going on. Salesforce developers may also hold the following positions and perform the following duties −

  • Identifying and assessing business processes, such as sales and account management.

  • Establishing CRM workflows.

  • Maintaining user roles and security.

  • Making design documents and technical plans.

  • Coordinating training initiatives for many teams and involving more developers and engineers.

Why Work as a Developer for Salesforce?

The income is the most obvious advantage of working as a Salesforce developer. According to Indeed, the average pay for a Salesforce developer in the US is over $110,000. Due to the widespread use of Salesforce by both large and small businesses, numerous career possibilities exist worldwide. It's also difficult to get bored when technologies constantly change, and programs frequently need to be updated. There's also job satisfaction and ongoing advancement.

How To Become a Salesforce Certified Developer?

Consider yourself to be a Salesforce developer. As was previously indicated, there are three certifications you could be able to get −

  • Discover how to build custom applications utilizing's built-in capabilities and the Salesforce Platform App Builder's APIs.

  • Developer, I for the Salesforce Platform to become familiar with the Visualforce UI framework and Apex programming language to build unique apps for the Salesforce platform.

  • Learn how to integrate applications with more complicated business logic and user interfaces using the Salesforce platform's more advanced programmatic tools and data modeling. Platform Developer II for Salesforce.

Candidates for each certification must pre-register for the exam, ideally through an approved training organization, either in person or online (ATO).

Salesforce Developer Certification: Requirements and Testing Methods

Governing Body, the main accrediting body, established the architecture for all three Salesforce developer certifications. The company now allows ATOs to oversee the training of qualifying candidates who must subsequently take the exam. The website provides details about the eligibility conditions and exam structure.

Eligibility Requirements

There are no prerequisites for the Platform Developer I exam or the Salesforce Platform App Builder examination. However, using an ATO to prepare is highly recommended. You must possess the Developer I credential to qualify for the Platform Developer II exam.

The Certification Procedure

For all test information, including study resources and exam study guides, candidates should visit

Evaluation Format of Salesforce Exam

  • The Platform App Builder exam is offered both in-person and online. The 60 multiple-choice questions in the exam must be completed in 105 minutes. The passing grade for the test is 63%.

  • The Developer I test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam can be finished in 110 minutes by test-takers. The threshold is 65% to pass.

  • The Developer II exam costs $200 and consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam has a 120-minute time limit, and a score of 63% determines to pass.

Are Candidates Allowed to Give the Re-exam?

A thorough preparation is necessary due to the complexity and scope of the Salesforce Developer certification exams. But occasionally, even after studying, some candidates still get rejected on the first try. Retakes are fortunately allowed. The registration information and $100 retake fee must be resubmitted by candidates who wish to retake the exam.

Requirement After Exam

To maintain their credentials after passing the exam, certificate holders must exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and adhere to the Salesforce platform policies. There is no time limit on the certification. On the Salesforce platform, professionals can study books and websites and acquire more sophisticated certifications to further enhance their careers. Salesforce-certified developers are in high demand, as was already established. Having more certificates gives you a better chance of getting your desired job.


Becoming a Salesforce developer is easy if you follow the steps above to get the certification. Salesforce is the best course these days and has a great scope in the future. Obtaining a certificate of a Salesforce developer will open the doors of great opportunities for you in the coming times.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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