How can we avoid a deadlock in Java?

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In Java, a deadlock is a programming situation where two or more threads are blocked forever. A deadlock condition will occur with at least two threads and two or more resources.

How To Avoid Deadlock

  • Avoid Nested Locks: A deadlock mainly happens when we give locks to multiple threads. Avoid giving a lock to multiple threads if we already have given to one.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Locks: We can have a lock only those members which are required. Having a lock unnecessarily can lead to a deadlock.
  • Using Thread.join(): A deadlock condition appears when one thread is waiting other to finish. If this condition occurs we can use Thread.join() with the maximum time the execution will take.


public class DeadlockTest {
   public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
      Object obj1 = new Object();
      Object obj2 = new Object();
      Object obj3 = new Object();
      Thread t1 = new Thread(new SyncThread(obj1, obj2), "t1");
      Thread t2 = new Thread(new SyncThread(obj2, obj3), "t2");
class SyncThread implements Runnable {
   private Object obj1;
   private Object obj2;
   public SyncThread(Object o1, Object o2){
   public void run() {
      String name = Thread.currentThread().getName();
      System.out.println(name + " acquiring lock on " + obj1);
      synchronized (obj1) {
         System.out.println(name + " acquired lock on " + obj1);
      System.out.println(name + " released lock on " + obj1);
      System.out.println(name + " acquiring lock on " + obj2);
      synchronized (obj2) {
         System.out.println(name + " acquired lock on " + obj2);
      System.out.println(name + " released lock on " + obj2);
      System.out.println(name + " finished execution.");
   private void work() {
      try {
      } catch (InterruptedException ie) {


t1 acquiring lock on java.lang.Object@917d8d4
t1 acquired lock on java.lang.Object@917d8d4
t2 acquiring lock on java.lang.Object@5c4b42fb
t2 acquired lock on java.lang.Object@5c4b42fb
t1 released lock on java.lang.Object@917d8d4
t1 acquiring lock on java.lang.Object@5c4b42fb
t1 acquired lock on java.lang.Object@5c4b42fb
t2 released lock on java.lang.Object@5c4b42fb
t2 acquiring lock on java.lang.Object@528cb702
t2 acquired lock on java.lang.Object@528cb702
t1 released lock on java.lang.Object@5c4b42fb
t2 released lock on java.lang.Object@528cb702
t1 finished execution.
t2 finished execution.
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