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Questions and Answers

Answer : A


There is only one Memstore per column family

Q 2 - A record deleted in Hbase is not removed from Hbase immediately. Instead it is written to another file and marked as Delete. Such a file is Known as

A - DFile

B - Tombfile

C - Tombstone

D - Earmark

Answer : C


The deleted records are stored in file is known as Tombstone.

Q 3 - Retrieving a batch of rows in every RPC call made by an API to a HBase database is called a

A - Batch

B - Scan

C - Bulkrow

D - Grouprow

Answer : B


When a group of records is returned from HBASE database by an API making a RPC call the process is called a scan. The number of rows to be returned by configuring the caching property.

Answer : D


The region gets split into small regions when it grows bigger in size.

Q 5 - The part of a Mapreduce Task which writes to a Hbase table is

A - Map

B - Reduce

C - Keys

D - none

Answer : B


In case of reading Hbase through mapreduce the map tasks do the reading but in case of writing to Hbase the reduce tasks do the writing.

Q 6 - While rows and columns keys are expressed as bytes, version is specified as

A - Date

B - Long integer

C - Short integer

D - Decimal

Answer : B


the version is specified using a long integer. Typically this long contains time instances such as those returned by java.util.Date.getTime()

Q 7 - The length of the name of the column family should be

A - As small as possible

B - Preferably one character

C - As large as possible

D - Does not matter

Answer : B


The colun family name should be ideally one character so that metadata associated with a cell is minimum.

Q 8 - The type of coprocessors which are similar to the stored procedures in relational database is

A - Store coprocessor

B - Parallel coprocessor

C - Observer

D - Endpoint

Answer : D


The Endpoint type of coprocessor is similar to the data abse store dprocedure in relational systems.

Answer : D


Only the write-ahead replay cerates the recovered.edits file

Q 10 - In Hbase there are two situations when the WAL logfiles needs to be replayed. One is when the server fails. The other is when

A - The logs are full

B - Rows are deleted.

C - The cluster fails

D - Rows are updated

Answer : C


The only two instances when the logs are replayed is when cluster starts or the server fails.