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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - The Value that is unique across all the rows in Hbase table is

A - Rownum

B - RowIndex

C - RowID

D - RowKey

Answer : D


Rowkey is the value which is the unique values across all the rows.

Answer : A


The addFamily() command displays all the columns of a specific column family.

Q 3 - The command which allows you to change an integer value stored in Hbase cell without reading it first is

A - Incrementcolumnvalue()

B - Incrementinteger()

C - Incrmentcellval()

D - Incrementnext()

Answer : A


The incrementcolumnvlaue() command increments the value stored in a Hbase cell without reading it first.

Q 4 - Typically a Hbase Regionserver is collocated with

A - HDFS Namenode

B - HDFS datanode

C - As a client to HDFS server

D - TAsktrackers

Answer : B


The Regionservers are collocated with the datanode of a HDFS system.

Answer : B


Hbase creates indexes only on the columns that cat as key( the rowkey)

Q 6 - Which of the following pair is an option for effectively distributing the data across multiple regions?

A - Hashing, salting

B - Hashing, threading

C - Salting, windowing

D - Threading, salting

Answer : A


Hashing the rowkeys gives randomly distributed values and salting involves adding a random number to the rowkey. Both these options create a good distribution of keys to be used across multiple regions.

Answer : A


They result from Hbase is sorted by

ColumnFamily,,Column qualifier, rowkey,,timestamp

Q 8 - Which filter accepts chance as a parameter?

A - Skipfilter

B - Randomrow filter

C - ColumnPrefix filter

D - Whilematchfilter

Answer : B


The Random filter which returns a random row uses the chance parameter. Example- RandomRowFilter(float chance)

Q 9 - The Hfile contains variable number of blocks. One fixed blocks in it is the block named file info block and the other one is

A - Trailer block

B - Index block

C - Data block

D - Meta blocks

Answer : A


in an Hfile only the file infor block and trailer blocks are fixed. All others are optional.

Q 10 - The exported data using the inbuilt export utility from Hbase table is in which file format

A - Binaryfiles

B - Csv files

C - Sequence files

D - CRF files

Answer : C


The data exported from Hbase table using the inbuilt export utility is in sequence file format.