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Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to HBase. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz.

Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Columns in Hbase are organized to

A - Column Group

B - Column families

C - Column list

D - Column base

Answer : B


In Hbase columns are organized to column families.

Q 2 - A record deleted in Hbase is not removed from Hbase immediately. Instead it is written to another file and marked as Delete. Such a file is Known as

A - DFile

B - Tombfile

C - Tombstone

D - Earmark

Answer : C


The deleted records are stored in file is known as Tombstone.

Q 3 - The data in a cell in Hbase table is identified using the four coordinates. Three of which are − rowkey,column family and column qualifier. The fourth coordinate used to identify each value in a cell is

A - Sequence number

B - Version number

C - Serial number

D - table name

Answer : B


In every cell Hbase stores the version number for each piece of data along with the value. So the version number is the fourth coordinate which identifies the exact piece of data.

Q 4 - Servers that host regions of a Hbase table are called

A - RegionServers

B - Regional servers

C - Hbase Servers

D - Splitservers

Answer : A


The Regionservers are the servers which hold the regions of a Hbase table.

Q 5 - In a Map-Side join, we take rows from one table and map it with rows from the other table. The size of one of the table should be

A - Enough to fit into memory

B - Half the size of the other table

C - Double the size of the other table

D - Small enough to be located in one physical machine

Answer : A


If you join two datasets where at least one of them can fit in memory of the map task,then load the smaller dataset into a hash-table so the map tasks can access it while iterating over the other dataset. In these cases, you can skip the Shuffle and Reduce Steps entirely and emit your final

output from the Map Step.

Answer : D


By default HBase runs in standalone mode. For a fully distributed configuration set the hbase-cluster.distributed property to true.

Answer : D


The row key gets removed when a row is deleted and a new one is created when a row is inserted.

Q 8 - Which filter accepts chance as a parameter?

A - Skipfilter

B - Randomrow filter

C - ColumnPrefix filter

D - Whilematchfilter

Answer : B


The Random filter which returns a random row uses the chance parameter. Example- RandomRowFilter(float chance)

Q 9 - If one single column family exceeds the maximum file size specified by Hbase configuration then

A - Data load error is encountered

B - The column family is dropped

C - The data in the column family is truncated

D - The region is split

Answer : D


Once the max file size is reached, the region is split into two.

Q 10 - The exported data using the inbuilt export utility from Hbase table is in which file format

A - Binaryfiles

B - Csv files

C - Sequence files

D - CRF files

Answer : C


The data exported from Hbase table using the inbuilt export utility is in sequence file format.