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Questions and Answers

Answer : C


Hbase is a schema less database as it stores data in column families which does not have a fixed or rigid structure to follow.

Q 2 - When a compaction operates over all HFiles in a column family in a given region, it is called

A - Major compaction

B - Family compaction

C - Final compaction

D - Full Compaction

Answer : A


IN a Major compaction all the HFIles of a column family for a given region are acted upon.

Q 3 - Filters in Hbase can be applied to

A - Rowkeys

B - Column qualifiers

C - Data values

D - All of the above

Answer : D


Filetrs can be applied to rowkeys,column qualifiers and data values.

Q 4 - When a client application wants to access a row in a Hbase table it first queries the table

A - –ROOT-

B - .META.



Answer : A


The client first goes to the –ROOT- table which gives further information on which .META. table to refer.

Q 5 - In a Map-Side join, we take rows from one table and map it with rows from the other table. The size of one of the table should be

A - Enough to fit into memory

B - Half the size of the other table

C - Double the size of the other table

D - Small enough to be located in one physical machine

Answer : A


If you join two datasets where at least one of them can fit in memory of the map task,then load the smaller dataset into a hash-table so the map tasks can access it while iterating over the other dataset. In these cases, you can skip the Shuffle and Reduce Steps entirely and emit your final

output from the Map Step.

Answer : D


By default HBase runs in standalone mode. For a fully distributed configuration set the hbase-cluster.distributed property to true.

Q 7 - The schema level changes to table or column families(like region size, block size etc) are reflected

A - Immediately after the changes

B - Only after a major compaction

C - Only after a minor compaction

D - Restarting the Regionserver.

Answer : B


Only after a major compaction and the StoreFiles get re-written the schema level changes are available.

Q 8 - Which filer accepts the pagesize as a parameter?

A - Columnfilter

B - Valuefilter

C - Pagefilter

D - Keyfilter

Answer : C


This filter gives the query result in different pages using Pagesize parameter.

Q 9 - The metadata of region is accessed using the file named

A - .metainfo

B - .metaregion

C - .regioninfo

D - .regionmetainfo

Answer : C


The file .regioninfo stores the metadata information.

Q 10 - In Hbase there are two situations when the WAL logfiles needs to be replayed. One is when the server fails. The other is when

A - The logs are full

B - Rows are deleted.

C - The cluster fails

D - Rows are updated

Answer : C


The only two instances when the logs are replayed is when cluster starts or the server fails.