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Questions and Answers

Answer : C


Hbase is a schema less database as it stores data in column families which does not have a fixed or rigid structure to follow.

Q 2 - While reading data from Hbase the command used to get only a specific column instead of all the columns in a column family is

A - Onecolumn

B - Addcolumn

C - FilterCOlumn

D - Dropcolumns

Answer : A


The addcolumn() command displays result for specific column given as a input to this command rather than all the columns in a table, which is the default behavior.

Q 3 - The command which allows you to change an integer value stored in Hbase cell without reading it first is

A - Incrementcolumnvalue()

B - Incrementinteger()

C - Incrmentcellval()

D - Incrementnext()

Answer : A


The incrementcolumnvlaue() command increments the value stored in a Hbase cell without reading it first.

Answer : D


The region gets split into small regions when it grows bigger in size.

Q 5 - The number of namespaces, HDFS provides to the regionservers of a Hbase database is

A - Equal to number of regionserver

B - Half of the number of regionserver

C - Double the number of regionserver

D - One

Answer : D


HDFS provides a single namespace to all the RegionServers,and any of them can access the persisted files from any other Regionserver.

Answer : C


In pseudo-distributed mode Hbase can run on either local file system or HDFS but not both.

Q 7 - The schema level changes to table or column families(like region size, block size etc) are reflected

A - Immediately after the changes

B - Only after a major compaction

C - Only after a minor compaction

D - Restarting the Regionserver.

Answer : B


Only after a major compaction and the StoreFiles get re-written the schema level changes are available.

Q 8 - A coprocessor is executed when an event occurs. This type of coprocessor is known as

A - Observer

B - Listener

C - Master

D - Event handler

Answer : A


The observer type of coprocessor is executed when an event occurs.

Q 9 - The Hfile contains variable number of blocks. One fixed blocks in it is the block named file info block and the other one is

A - Trailer block

B - Index block

C - Data block

D - Meta blocks

Answer : A


in an Hfile only the file infor block and trailer blocks are fixed. All others are optional.

Q 10 - In Hbase there are two situations when the WAL logfiles needs to be replayed. One is when the server fails. The other is when

A - The logs are full

B - Rows are deleted.

C - The cluster fails

D - Rows are updated

Answer : C


The only two instances when the logs are replayed is when cluster starts or the server fails.