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Questions and Answers

Answer : A


There is only one Memstore per column family

Q 2 - The deleted records in Hbase are stored in the file known as Tombstone. Then the space in freed only by truly removing these records from Hbase. This process is known as

A - Compaction

B - Retraction

C - Consolidation

D - Separation

Answer : A


The process of merging tombstone files and creating a new HFile only containing the records not marked for delete is known as compaction.

Q 3 - Filters in Hbase can be applied to

A - Rowkeys

B - Column qualifiers

C - Data values

D - All of the above

Answer : D


Filetrs can be applied to rowkeys,column qualifiers and data values.

Q 4 - Typically a Hbase Regionserver is collocated with

A - HDFS Namenode

B - HDFS datanode

C - As a client to HDFS server

D - TAsktrackers

Answer : B


The Regionservers are collocated with the datanode of a HDFS system.

Answer : A


Reduce-side joins require shuffling and sorting data between map and reduce tasks.

This incurs I/O costs.

Answer : D


By default HBase runs in standalone mode. For a fully distributed configuration set the hbase-cluster.distributed property to true.

Q 7 - How many types of delete markers are used by Hbase for deleting columns?

A - 2

B - 3

C - 4

D - 1

Answer : B


The three different types of column deletes in Hbase are

Delete − for a specific version of a column.

Delete column: for all versions of a column.

Delete family − for all columns of a particular ColumnFamily

Q 8 - You can process an arbitrary code on a region server using

A - Hbase Triggers

B - Coprocessors

C - Random processors

D - Arbitrary processor

Answer : B


A coprocessor enables you to run arbitrary code directly on each region server.

Q 9 - The Hfile contains variable number of blocks. One fixed blocks in it is the block named file info block and the other one is

A - Trailer block

B - Index block

C - Data block

D - Meta blocks

Answer : A


in an Hfile only the file infor block and trailer blocks are fixed. All others are optional.

Q 10 - In which scenario nothing is written in the WAL on HBase?

A - Record updates

B - Record Deletes

C - Bulk export

D - Bulk Load

Answer : D


during the bulk load process nothing gets written to the WAL.