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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Columns in Hbase are organized to

A - Column Group

B - Column families

C - Column list

D - Column base

Answer : B


In Hbase columns are organized to column families.

Q 2 - When a compaction operates over all HFiles in a column family in a given region, it is called

A - Major compaction

B - Family compaction

C - Final compaction

D - Full Compaction

Answer : A


IN a Major compaction all the HFIles of a column family for a given region are acted upon.

Q 3 - The method which deletes a specific version within a cell is

A - Deletecolumns()

B - Deletecolumn()

C - Deleteversionno()

D - Deletespecific()

Answer : B


The deletecolumn() deletes a specific version but deletecolumns() deletes all the versions in a cell prior to the specified version.

Q 4 - In any mapreduce Job Hbase can be used as a

A - Metadata store

B - Data source

C - Datanode

D - Metadata node

Answer : B


Hbase can act as source, sink, or shared resource in a mapreduce job.

Q 5 - In a reduce-side join the Mapreduce step which is used to collocate the relevant records form the two joining data sets is

A - Map step

B - Reduce step

C - Shuffle and sort step

D - Final output step

Answer : C


A reduce-side join takes advantage of the intermediate Shuffle Step to collocate relevant records from the two sets.

Q 6 - Which of the following is declared during the schema definition creation?

A - Column families

B - Column names

C - Both

D - None

Answer : A


The column families are declared upfront during the schema definition creation. But the column names can be declared anytime when the Table is up and running.

Answer : D


The row key gets removed when a row is deleted and a new one is created when a row is inserted.

Q 8 - The type of coprocessors which are similar to the stored procedures in relational database is

A - Store coprocessor

B - Parallel coprocessor

C - Observer

D - Endpoint

Answer : D


The Endpoint type of coprocessor is similar to the data abse store dprocedure in relational systems.

Answer : A


The Hbase tables by default are writable. They become read only by setting the readonly() option to true.

Q 10 - Before the edits in a HBAse logfile can be replayed they are separated into one logfile per region.

It is called −

A - Log splitting

B - Region splitting

C - WAL splitting

D - Replay splitting

Answer : A


The separation of log file into one log per region is called log splitting.