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The HashMap class uses a hashtable to implement the Map interface. This allows the execution time of basic operations, such as get( ) and put( ), to remain constant even for large sets.

Following is the list of constructors supported by the HashMap class.

Sr.NoConstructor & Description
1HashMap( )
This constructor constructs a default HashMap.
2HashMap(Map m)
This constructor initializes the hash map by using the elements of the given Map object m.
3HashMap(int capacity)
This constructor initializes the capacity of the hash map to the given integer value, capacity.
4HashMap(int capacity, float fillRatio)
This constructor initializes both the capacity and fill ratio of the hash map by using its arguments.


Let us see another example −

import java.util.*;
public class Main {
   public static void main(String args[]) {
      HashMap hashMap = new HashMap();
      hashMap.put("John", new Integer(10000));
      hashMap.put("Tim", new Integer(25000));
      hashMap.put("Adam", new Integer(15000));
      hashMap.put("Katie", new Integer(30000));
      hashMap.put("Jacob", new Integer(45000));
      hashMap.put("Steve", new Integer(23000));
      hashMap.put("Nathan", new Integer(25000));
      hashMap.put("Amy", new Integer(27000));
      Set set = hashMap.entrySet();
      Iterator iterator = set.iterator();
      while(iterator.hasNext()) {
         Map.Entry map = (Map.Entry)iterator.next();
         System.out.print(map.getKey() + ": ");
      System.out.println("Size of IdentintyHashMap: "+hashMap.size());
      int bonus = ((Integer)hashMap.get("Amy")).intValue();
      hashMap.put("Amy", new Integer(bonus + 5000));
      System.out.println("Amy's salary after bonus = " + hashMap.get("Amy"));
      int deductions = ((Integer)hashMap.get("Steve")).intValue();
      hashMap.put("Steve", new Integer(deductions - 3000));
      System.out.println("Steve's salary after deductions = " + hashMap.get("Steve"));


Adam: 15000
Nathan: 25000
Katie: 30000
Steve: 23000
John: 10000
Tim: 25000
Amy: 27000
Jacob: 45000

Size of IdentintyHashMap: 8
Amy's salary after bonus = 32000
Steve's salary after deductions = 20000
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