Gwalior Fort - How to Reach?

Gwalior is a district of Madhya Pradesh state and is situated nearby Agra. The city is well connected with most of the Indian cities through road, rail, and air transport. The approximate distance of Gwalior from cities nearby are as follows −

  • Gwalior to Agra

    • By air – 106km

    • By rail – 118km

    • By road – 121km

  • Gwalior to Mathura

    • By air – 149km

    • By rail – 172km

    • By road – 175km

  • Gwalior to Jhansi

    • By air – 97km

    • By rail – 97km

    • By road – 104km

  • Gwalior to Kanpur

    • By air – 213km

    • By rail – 372km

    • By road – 262km

  • Gwalior to Lucknow

    • By air – 281km

    • By rail – 446km

    • By road – 343km

  • Gwalior to Delhi

    • By air – 329km

    • By rail – 313km

    • By road – 363km

  • Gwalior to Bhopal

    • By air – 339km

    • By rail – 388km

    • By road – 429km

  • Gwalior to Jaipur

    • By air – 253km

    • By rail – 357km

    • By road – 331km

By Air

Gwalior has only domestic airport that is connected to many important cities of the country. The name of the airport is Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Air Terminal which is 8km away from the city. People will get flights of Air India only which connects Gwalior to various cities.

By Rail

Gwalior is well-connected to various cities through rail. Rajdhani, shatabdi, superfast, express, and mail trains connect Gwalior to cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. There are a few trains that originate from and terminate at Gwalior. The city falls on the route of New Delhi Jhansi section.

By Road

Gwalior is well connected to many cities by road. People can catch buses for Agra, Bhopal, New Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, and many other places. MPSRTC provides bus services to these places. People can catch regular buses, AC buses, deluxe and super deluxe buses to reach their destination.

Local Transport

There are many hiring agencies that provide cab or taxi for a fixed period. Besides this, the facility of local bus service is also available where people can travel either in regular local bus or luxury bus.

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