Gwalior Fort - Other Monuments

There are many other monuments in the fort which are as follows −

Hathi Pol

Hathi Pol or elephant gate is the main gate through which tourists can enter the fort. This gate also leads to the Man Mandir Palace. The gate is located at the south-eastern part of the fort. The gate is named as hathi pol due to the huge statue of an elephant which adorned the gate. Stone has been used to build the gate. The gate has cylindrical towers and cupola domes which are linked by carved parapets.

Hathi Pol

Chhatri of Bhim Singh Rana

Bhim Singh Rana belonged to Gohad state and also ruled Gwalior from 1740. He captured Gwalior when Mughal Governor Ali Khan surrendered. Bhim Singh also built a lake named Bhimtal in the fort. The chhatri of Bhim Singh Rana was built by his son and successor Chhatra Singh near the bhimtal. On the occasion of Ram Navami, Jat Samaj Kalyan Parishad organizes a fair every year.

Gurudwara Data Bandi Chhor

Gurudwara Data Bandi Chhor was a worship place where Guru Hargobind Singh, the sixth Sikh Guru, used to pray. After Guru Arjun Dev, he was made the sikh guru. Guru Hargobind Singh raised an army to fight the cruelty at that time. He also provided justice to the people at Amritsar. When Jahangir came to know about this, he invited the guru to have a talk with him.

Gurudwara Data Bandi Chhor

Jahangir was impressed by the guru and both had a good understanding. Once Jahangir fell ill and some people conspired and told that only a holy man can cure him. They suggested the name of Guru Hargobind Singh so Jahangir called him and asked him to live in the Gwalior Fort.

When the wife of Jahangir came to know about the illness of Jahangir, she summoned Sain Mian Mir ji who told that a holy man has been captured so the health of the emperor is declining. When emperor came to know this he ordered the release of the guru. The guru told that he will only leave if 52 other Rajput rulers will also be released. The place in the fort where the guru worshipped came to be known as Gurudwara Bandi Chhor.

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