Golang Program to Find the Area of a Rectangle Using Classes

To find the area of a rectangle using classes, we can take following Steps

  • Define a struct with rectangle properties such as breadth and length.
  • Define a method to calculate the area of the rectangle.
  • In the main method, instantiate an object of rectangle.
  • Call the struct method, i.e., Area, to calculate the area of the rectangle.
  • Print the area of the rectangle.


 Live Demo

package main
import (
type Rectangle struct {
   breadth int
   len int
func (r *Rectangle)Area() int{
   return r. len * r.breadth
func main(){
   rectangle := Rectangle{
      breadth: 10,
      len: 8,
   fmt.Println("Area of the rectangle:", rectangle, " is: ",


Area of the rectangle: {10 8} is: 80

Updated on: 30-Jul-2021


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