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In this super busy world of professional environment, it makes it challenging for each one of us to organize and use our emails effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s customizing, sorting, searching, automating your emails, Gmail offers dozens of ways to managing your inbox easily. Gmail is simple enough to use and to make you become a Gmail power user. We bring you some tips which will help you get to the next level of productivity.

Labeling your Emails

Labeling your emails makes it easy and effective in organizing your inbox. Emails can be automatically given a label and you can also create nested sub-labels under a parent label.

  • From your inbox view, click the More button from the top left.
  • Select Create new label to make a new label.
  • Enter your label name.
  • If you’re creating a sub-label, Select the checkbox next to Nest label under and tag a parent label.
  • You can also create new labels from an individual message by click on the Labels button on the navigation sidebar, select create new label and also decide if you want the label to be nester under a parent label and click on Create.
  • You can also create labels from marking one or several messages and then applying labels to it as shown below.

Organize your Inbox with Stars

A furthermore technique to get your inbox organized is to use the Gmail’s star system. You can add color- coded shapes and stars to the messages in order to distinguish the kind of messages in your inbox.

Although by default, you will only notice the yellow star for tagging a message, there are different shapes like a red exclamation mark to indicate urgent messages, yellow star for “to be read” messages, purple question mark for “to be researched before responding” messages.

To activate the stars and icons follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Settings and choose General tab and then look for the Stars section. You will notice 2 sections of the Not in Use list to the In Use
  • Now to tag a message to a star or icon, click on the star icon to the left of the message

When you choose to use a star to tag a message you simply click the star icon and you will find the various options to select and tag which you have placed in your In Use list.

Filtering your Gmail Account

Filtering your emails will help you get rid of the clutter that populates in your inbox. You can archive the list, mark them all as already read, add a star to it, apply a label, automatically forward it to a recipient, delete them at once, mark it as important or categorize them.

The diagrams below will show you where and how to filter your emails.

  • Click on the top most search drop-down box as shown below and you will find the various options for filtering.
  • Set the rule for your filter. Enter the details of what emails you like to filter which is self-explanatory.
  • Once you enter the criteria, click on Create filter with this search and you will find ‘n’ no of options as shown in the diagram below.
  • Choose your desired action from the list of options available and create the filter.
  • There is also an additional filtering ability in Gmail w.r.t an individual email. Find the email you want to filter. Choose “More”, then in the drop down choose the “Filter messages like these” option.
  • Follow the same steps as 2 and 3.

Email Vacation Responder

Gmail will help you automatically fire off a reply to the senders of all incoming emails, notifying senders that you won’t be available for the duration which you specify. You can also choose to whom you limit the automatic reply. Simply go to the settings menu and General tab and look for vacation responder. Enter the subject and message of the automated response which will be fired from your account.

Canned Responses

The Canned Responses lab will save you serious time. Type the content of the message and save the text and after enabling this option and you will be able to send the same content with just a click of an icon. It can also be scheduled and sent automatically using filters.

  • Now select the “More Options” button on the bottom right and then click on the “Canned responses”. In case there is no previous message saved, it will show you an option “New Canned Response”, otherwise you will be able to see option like “save” , “Insert” and “Delete” options.
  • Click on the “Compose” button and type the text of the message you want to keep it saved for use every time.
  • In order to make use of this feature, first enable the option from settings and then labs tab.
  • The screen will prompt you to enter the name for that canned response. Give the desired name and click “Ok”.

Block or Filter Unwanted Emails

If you are annoyed with the odd and useless emails loading into your inbox quite often, you can have a process in place to filter the unwanted emails and block email addresses that send such mails.

Open the kind of message you want it blocked and click on the drop down menu on the top right as shown in the diagram below. Then choose if you want to filter the message like those or block the sender of the message permanently.

These emails from blocked addresses will now go straightaway into the spam folder. This filtering can also be done via Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses

“Unsend” your Emails

How many times have you felt that it would have been better had I not sent this email?. The “Unsend” feature is a savior which will allow you to take back emails. Simply go to settings and check in the general tab and “Enable Undo Send”. You can also select the cancellation time between 5 to 30 seconds. Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

Task Lists

Gmail allows you to add task lists for alerting you on a follow up on something you want to address at a later point of time or to remind you at a particular time.

In order set up the email, you have to add and click on “More” and select “Add to Tasks”.

Gmail has an appealing interface and is simple enough to use. It provides the users with high degree of convenience giving it an edge over other webmail services. In no time you will become a Gmail power user and boost up your email productivity if you start applying these Gmail tips.

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Updated on: 20-Jan-2020


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