Give two practical applications of reflection of sound waves.

Two practical applications of reflection of sound waves:-

1. The SONAR system is based on the reflection of sound waves which is used to measure the depth of the ocean and detect underwater objects such as water hills, valleys, icebergs, submarines, sunken ships, etc. SONAR works on the principle of reflection (echo) of sound waves from the object.

2. Stethoscope works on the basis of the reflection of sound waves. In a stethoscope, the heartbeat of the patient reaches the doctor's ear through multiple reflections of sound.

It consists mainly of three parts: 2 earpieces, 1 chest piece, and a rubber tube to connect the chest piece to the earpieces.

When the doctor puts the chest piece on the patient's chest and wears earpieces into his ear, then the sound of the heartbeats of the patient reaches a rubber tube through the chest piece. And then this sound of heartbeats reaches to earpieces through multiple reflections of sound through the inner wall of the stethoscope tube. And finally, the doctor listens to the patient's heartbeats.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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