Managing Time Effectively

Managing the time of the team members effectively is very crucial. It helps in making them able to focus on all the corresponding areas of sales, distribution, collection and feedback. Managing time is a very important requirement for a sales manager. It helps him to coordinate with his team and also keep them available for the meetings that are arranged to discuss the sales and other prospects.

Some of the most common steps followed to manage time of the team effectively are given below −

  • Prospecting should be made a habit − instead of allotting separate time to your teammates for prospecting. Prospecting is the process of identifying people from the usual crowd who might be interested in your product. A person interested in your product can be found at any time of the day, while jogging or sharing a bus on the way home. However, care should be taken to not be too pressing or obtrusive.

  • Minimize time taken for non-revenue tasks − such as handling customer feedback issues, finalizing paperwork and filing up worksheets. Proper scheduling of these activities on a daily basis will save a lot of time.

  • Zoning your calendar − is a very effective step in scheduling work responsibilities. Zoning a calendar is the process of diving tasks in two categories – Long-term goals (calculated in terms of weeks) and Short-term goals (calculated in terms of days).

  • Try to check the email regularly − and only for work-related updates. Check only your official email for updates and never subscribe to any non-official services that might clutter your inbox with unnecessary and non-urgent information.

All these steps ensure that sales managers utilize the maximum time in an official day in successful prospecting of leads and conversion of these prospects into customers.


To wrap it up, Sales Managers are responsible to keep multiple assignments running at the same time. They have to be ahead of the curve on a lot of instances. They should keep themselves abreast with all the changes in the market, so that they can be prepared for any queries that their team has of them.

Keeping a track of customer choices, preferences and market fluctuations isn’t an easy task. Sales Managers need to realize that the more time-efficient they make their system, the better functioning they can offer to their organization and their clients.

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