Load Templates Directly



You can also render and load templates on fly as dynamic pages. The following code demonstrates the use of templates as dynamic pages −


<script type = text/template7" id = about">
   <div class = pages">
      <div data-page = about" class = page">
         <div class = page-content">
            <div class = content-block">
               <div class = content-block-inner">
                  <p>Hello, i am <b>{{firstname}} {{lastname}}</b>, 
                     <b>{{age}}</b> years old and working as <b>{{position}}</b> 
                     at <b>{{company}}</b>.</p>

The required data is fetched from template7Data. To specify the required template, you need to use data-template attribute with template id.

You can use JavaScript View's .load () method and template property to pass custom data as shown in the following instance −

mainView.router.load ({
   template: Template7.templates.aboutTemplate, 
   context: {
      firstname: 'William',
      age: 27