Fashion Trends and Its Impact on Society

In today’s world, fashion is a way of life. Like other basic needs (such as food, water, and shelter), clothing is also one of the most essential elements of life. People remain concerned about their dresses. Their occasions decide the type of dress, as every occasion has a defined fashion style, such as: office wear, party wear, casual wear, festival wear, marriage wear, etc. In addition to this, if people follow fashion trends, they are noticed by their friends, colleagues, relatives, and even by strangers. Likewise, fashion trends do play a major role in human life.

What is Fashion Trend?

A fashion trend is simply a fashion style or creatively designed dress, jewellery, footwear, handbag, etc., that is popular at a particular time. Most people (especially of the younger generation) follow this particular fashion trend. However, as it influences peoples at mass level and society as whole, it has some influence on society, which could be positive as well as negative.

Impact of Fashion Trends on Society

As fashion has become an inseparable part of human society, it plays certain roles in society. It influences the society and also get influenced by the society, for example, a farmer wearing skin-tight jeans, it means, fashion has influenced the people living in village. On the other hand, if the ethnic wear of a regional society influences the celebrity and other Haute couture fashion designer, it means society has influenced the fashion; so, it is vice-versa influence. As per recent research, more than 50% of the younger generation keep close track of the latest fashion trends, and they are the ones who buy first and make a new fashion design trendy. But as it is the nature of every coin that it has two faces with opposite meanings, similarly, fashion trends have positive as well as negative impacts.

Positive Impacts of Fashion Trends on Society

Following are some of the major positive impacts −

  • The changing fashion trends create a healthy and competitive environment that inspires the next generation of fashion designers and other related people to work hard and create meaningful and creative new designs.
  • It creates new employment opportunities for many upcoming students (of fashion studies).
  • The new and trendy formal fashion designed clothes enhance the look of the wearer and also give him or her confidence to perform efficiently, especially in an interview.
  • The new fashion trend makes even an ordinary person into a special person.
  • It gives an identity to the wearer, or else people get unnoticed.
  • Last but not the least, it is an opportunity to amalgamate different cultures and traditions.

Negative Impacts of Fashion Trends on Society

Following are some of the major negative impacts −

  • Because of excessive orientation towards the new fashion trends, traditional design and associated culture are being lost.
  • The younger generations are much more influenced by western fashion culture.
  • The new fashion trends, especially influenced by western culture and Bollywood movies, create nuisance in young generations’ minds and, as a result of this, many of them indulge in unsocial activities.
  • Such new fashion trends also affect the psychology of younger generations, and hence, if they do not get it, then it badly affects their minds and (likely) they become victims of psychological disorders such as eating disorders, mental illness, stress, etc.


This is unquestionably true that today’s generations want to be seen as modern people, and since this is the demand of circumstance, there is nothing wrong with it. But while making oneself modern, if we forget our own ethics and integrity, it is wrong. Therefore, now it is up to you — what you want to be look like and how you want to shape your future.


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